• Bristol Bound

    Had a lot of fun down in Bristol shooting for this IT Marketing company, working with a great brief revolving around their fantastic staff and integrated work style.

    Keeping the background on-brand

    This large law company are going to be moving into new premises soon, but they needed new images for their new website asap! So a key consideration was for me to choose and manipulate the backgrounds so that they would fit in with their shinny new location!

    Shooting the impossible

    The only way to get these shots was to go all in on the AI and Photoshop work. Impossible without!

    Speedy Portraits

    Tucked into a full day of reportage, we had one quick window to grab the senior management team. I love how the senior management in some firms require a little bit of a cheeky personality 🙂

    Caring for the Carers

    Hospital staff do so much over and above their actual job descriptions, and so I was really pleased to shoot this for them at a discount, though that’s not to say it’s easy – shooting in those locations, and often with people who are ill, is a challenge, rewarding as it is.

    Shooting Real People for Axa

    Shooting real people is always a lot of fun, and what could be better than having real employees who love their company into the studio for a campaign shoot?!

    Misty Days

    I used AI to create these – I have an AI page here, so nothing new – but they’re a good example of images that owe much of their character to Photoshop and image manipulation. Without that, regardless of whether the base images were created with film, digital or AI, you couldn’t get something like this!

    Association of Dental Implantology

    Dentists: one of the few professions that can rival photographers for inducing anxiety! We were shooting for the ADI’s marketing, promotion and communications, and so anxious thoughts were a no-no!

    It’s Coffee Time!

    There’s more to Costa than tasty coffee! Shooting recruitment, we wanted to focus on the feel-good that comes from working as part of a team with great benefits. And shooting recruitment, the big question has always got to be, would you like to work here? From my experience, that’d be a definite yes!

    Mazars – a masterclass in prep!

    Planning, planning, planning! This shoot was made in pre-production – the inspiring Art Director Emma and I did an extensive recce, figuring out who could go where, doing what, and what furniture we’d have to ask to be moved! I love it when a plan comes together!

    Shooting in the Netherlands

    Working in a different country to the one I’m based in always brings different challenges. But being used to all the extra hurdles does make them less difficult, and this fantastic shoot went off without a hitch 🙂 Though the heat and the noise is something you can’t grasp until you actually get into the factory itself. Many miles later, I had one happy client!

    BBQueens for Unilever

    The Vegetarian Butcher was looking to do something fun, exciting, and out of the ordinary to promote their fab vegan meat substitutes! Doing the stills / videos / reportage / studio portraits / product shots, all in one day was one of those challenges I like!

    Trivium Packaging

    Shooting their new website … so good, it’s winning awards. After looking after the casting, styling, props and locations, the’ve asked me back for more – which is the cherry on the cake!