• Salad Dressing, Definition:

    noun: /ˈsæl.əd ˈˌdres.ɪŋ /
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    seasoned mixture of liquids that is added to a salad.

    I’m on the Judging Panel for Creative Review’s Photography Annual 2021

    I’m super excited to be on the judging panel that’s been brought together from all around the world, alongside such talented photographers, creative directors, art buyers, gallery curators, journalists and agents. It’ll be fab to checking out the amazing photography that’s been produced in, what you’ve got to say, has been an amazing year! Check out more here.

    British Journal of Photography – Winner

    Decade of Change – Award. So nice to be among the winners, and to be exhibited in Hong Kong and New York. The award is about the change that’s needed wrt the Climate Crisis – it was a single image from my series centred around the recyclers of Dhapa in Kolkata, India which won.

    Creative Review interview

    Creative Work = Moral Work. I was interviewed by Creative Review about my thoughts on the morality of ‘Creative Work’ especially in light of BLM and the killing of Sarah Everard. How is it that we as creatives add to the grand panorama of culture, and how do we  impact on the norms and stereotypes which we as a society hold? Given the answers to these question, what are our responsibilites as creatives? For more, here’s the piece in Creative Review.

    Shooting Fire Fighters in Lockdown!

    We had a great time shadowing the trainers and firefighters during our lock down shoot. My only regret is that we weren’t able to get into the Fire House. Oh well, perhaps next time!

    Shoot The Frame Winner, and featured in Creative Review

    How cool to win the Shoot The Frame awards with my shot of Cleveland – what an inspiring guy! And it’s a real privilege to be featured and interviewed by Creative Review 🙂

    British Photography Awards Winner!

    So cool to win this with Mihir’s shot. Quite incredible what he and all the other staff have gone through. He told me at the time “My wife’s pregnant, and we don’t know how Coronavirus affects pregnancy – we don’t know whether I’ve had it, I don’t know whether she’s had it, and it’s difficult to determine whether we should even be living together.”

    Sky News, ITV, BBC Radio & on The Web

    Directing a Music Video

    Was great fun to create and direct this music video for Rico, and amazing artist and lovely guy! These are some stills that I took, with the video to follow as soon as we have the release date 🙂

    Shooting for the BBC

    On the awful topic of revenge porn, which is a type of sexual abuse. The documentary follows Zara McDermott as she talks to other victims and will be out soon.

    Whittington Hospital in the time of Covid

    This is all part of a larger project centred around the Whittington Hospital during the covid lockdown. It was an intense project, but it’s so important that the people and their experiences and stories don’t disappear from view, and so I’m really looking forward to finishing the production of my book about these amazing people and their stories. All proceeds will go to the Whittington Hospital Charity, deets to follow.

    BJP Portrait of Britain 2020 – Triple Winning!

    One winner, and two finalists of mine have been selected for this year’s BJP Portrait of Britain Awards. They’re part of my Hospital During Covid project, and I’m so chuffed to have an almost un-heard of three images by the same photographer in these prestigious awards.


    I spoke to both BBC News and BBC Breakfast about winning and this amazing project, and what it was like shooting in the hospital during the pandemic, and the hardships faced by the staff.


    All three of my images will be in the Portrait of Britain 2020 Book, available through here by Hoxton Mini Press, and you can see all the winners and finalists here.

    Nursery Lockdown

    During lockdown, there’s a group of people who hug others.

    Though they don’t live with them, they’re keen on the contact – casually dishing out hugs, wiping tears and blowing snotty noses, all without a hint of anxiety, and all without a hint of any PPE.

    I’m delighted to be featured as a Guardian Photo Essay

    IHG Hotels

    Pandemic or not, the show’s got to go on.

    What a lovely shoot to do in such a glamorous location!

    This Is Embrace

    Shooting for my good friends at This Is Embrace, it’s lovely to be in the position to do so, over 20 years after my first shoot for them!

    Food Banks and the Pandemic


    The volunteers on the front line

    I was recently given special permission to photograph and interview behind-the scenes at one of the largest food bank hubs in the country. What sort of people volunteer their time and effort to help so many vulnerable people that would otherwise go hungry?

    BLM London


    I wanted to find out what people

    thought about the current situation and turmoil, and so I headed out onto the streets of London. Click the pics to see and hear more.

    Behind The Scenes video


    The story of a shoot, shot over 1 day, with 12 models and 16 crew 

    Big shoots are very tricky to get right, primarily because there’s so much to get wrong. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always so keen to plan shoots, even the small ones. But after multiple days prepping and planning, organising and corralling, the big day comes and then, to a certain extent, it’s my job to let go of the lists!

    The whole process is like landing a jumbo, while having tea with the passengers!

    Saint Brides Church


    Tucked away, just off Fleet Street, in the heart of old London

    lies Saint Brides church. It’s an incredible place, an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the city – it’s serenity hides a history that stretches back over two thousand years. Underneath the present church are Roman ruins, and above those a charnel house with the reamins of hundreds of plague victims, their bones and skulls neatly packed and arranged. Above that are the ruins of the church that was left gutted by the great fire of London, and above that the current church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

    Dr Max


    Shot in Prague over two weeks, 

    we rolled out the fantastic new store designs for one of Europe’s leading pharmacy chain. It was a corker of a shoot, with new models daily, tight time slots, a rolling roster or products, and people from at least 6 different countries involved – we couldn’t have done better!

    Saudia Airline


    Saudia Airline trains all its First Class flight attendants at The Savoy.

    By butlers, of course! Apparently, though it didn’t come as a huge surprise, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!

    Tasnim Lowe


    Tasnim’s father killer her mother, her aunt and her grandmother 

    Her mother was just 16 at the time, and pregnant with what would have been Tasnim’s brother or sister should she have survived. The only person to escape the burning house was Tasnim’s grandfather. Continued…

    Double Award Winning: William Hill, Problem Gambling


    Gold Award – Corporate Content Awards, and Shoot The Face Awards

    I think this series of images deserve their awards – it was striking that the team from MerchantCantos and William Hill were keen to push the boundaries in order to tell the story. It was great to be involved early in the process, because the message is such a difficult one to deliver visually, and something that we had to tease out in a responsive and responsible fashion. See more about the campaign on the MerchantCantos site here.

    Jarrad Comley, Partner and Executive Creative Director called me in to talk about this, visual storytelling and so much more – check out the vid above!