• Mazars – a masterclass in prep!

    Planning, planning, planning! This shoot was made in pre-production – the inspiring Art Director Emma and I did an extensive recce, figuring out who could go where, doing what, and what furniture we’d have to ask to be moved! I love it when a plan comes together!

    Shooting in the Netherlands

    Working in a different country to the one I’m based in always brings different challenges. But being used to all the extra hurdles does make them less difficult, and this fantastic shoot went off without a hitch 🙂 Though the heat and the noise is something you can’t grasp until you actually get into the factory itself. Many miles later, I had one happy client!

    AI Motion

    One thing I love about AI is the ability to take one type of media and change it into another. This started off life as a still image, but then with a little bit of AI wizzardry, hey presto, it’s now a video!

    British Journal of Photography

    I’m featured in the 2023 Portrait of Britain awards book 🙂 It’s just wonderful to have a double page spread in a real life book! What with all the tech running around these days, it’s still hard to beat the feel and warmth of a book, and the positivity you’ll receive from such a tactile and generous entity. You can buy the book here

    Working with Dancers

    Is so fulfilling even when the shot is not about dance per se, because they think of their bodies as you would an instrument. And while the rest of us are being bashful and a bit gauche, they’re already busting some moves and letting it all, emotionally as well as physically, all hang out! 

    BBQueens for Unilever

    The Vegetarian Butcher was looking to do something fun, exciting, and out of the ordinary to promote their fab vegan meat substitutes! Doing the stills / videos / reportage / studio portraits / product shots, all in one day was one of those challenges I like!

    Trivium Packaging

    Shooting their new website … so good, it’s winning awards. After looking after the casting, styling, props and locations, the’ve asked me back for more – which is the cherry on the cake!

    Fresh & Breezy

    Can you spot that it was cold, windy … and out in the open?

    What a client wants, a client gets 🙂

    Shooting for the BBC

    Two shoots with Zara McDermott for her programs with the BBC, on hard hitting subjects. They were so pleased with the shots for the first program’s identity plate, they asked me to shoot the second as well.

    Salad Dressing, Definition:

    noun: /ˈsæl.əd ˈˌdres.ɪŋ /
      A s
    seasoned mixture of liquids that is added to a salad.