• Hi! I’m Slater

    I think it’s important to know what a person believes.

    And so, here’s what I believe, in 6 photographs.


    Lists are a poor substitute for life.

    And while we’re at it, never trust them. They’re like dissolving a body in acid – you’ll get something useful and interesting out the other side, but you’ll no long have the very thing that you valued in the first place.

    Of course, if you’re photographing an idea, or building a 747, you’re going to need a list. But be careful because a list can only ever be a shadow of its original, no matter its length or how long the footnotes.

    Hard work is obligatory.

    Talent without hard work never gets up off the sofa. But I think it runs deeper than that because hard work just means doing something that you’d rather not do.

    A creative endeavour isn’t like skiing down a mountain, or eating cake, or popping a balloon. That might be the fun bit, but that’s not the creative bit.

    The creative bit is getting to the mountain early, or burning your fingers on the stove, or valiantly searching for the right type of balloon, and not giving up. Without the hard work, you can’t create something of worth.

    Life’s too short, not to have fun.

    I remember taking portraits for a breast cancer charity and my models were, as a rule, dying. You’d think that the shoot would be full of doom and gloom but in fact it was the opposite.

    It’s only the people who’ve already died who aren’t enraptured by the flowers that they’re passing along the way.

    Feeling is at the heart of all good photography.

    After all, what else is there?

    You could pick correctness over love, or ideology over intimacy.

    Perhaps sufficiency over bliss, or information over beauty?

    But why would you want to do that?

    Portraits need connections.

    A portrait is a photograph of a person who has volunteered to share their state of being with the photographer. Whether they’re happy or sad – they have decided that they will show someone else who or what they are.

    It’s a disarming and, it must be said, a rather strenuous undertaking, and one not to be undertaken lightly. Without a connection of worth, it’s not gonna happen.

    We can’t do anything of value on our own.

    This photograph marks the first time that I’d worked with a top notch art director – and what struck me most was that what we made was greater than what each of us had brought.

    No single person has a monopoly on good ideas or creativity, and it’s together that we achieve things of value. Growth occurs in the gaps and slivers and spaces, springing to life momentarily between us.



    Sophie Obert, Project Director, Embrace

    Having worked with Slater several times over the years, I can honestly say that I have never come across someone who has combined such focus, talent and professionalism in his work, with an incredibly engaging personality which puts anyone he works with at ease, and extracts the very best out of people. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend him highly enough.



    Julia  Jackson, Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Manager, Costa Coffee

    I had the pleasure of working with Slater on 3 photo shoots whilst I was at IHG. Not only are Slaters photos beautiful and really captured not only the people but the range of brands, he was conscious and courteous to all the guests who were passing by, and knowing he has that in his character would always make me want to work with him again. Truly one of the best experiences with a photographer I have had in my many years of corporate photoshoots.



    Preeti Nayee, Founder and Designer, Something Preeti

    I have always been a big fan of Slater’s photography and when I chose him to photograph the GlaxoSmithKline graduate campaign, I knew we were in safe hands, and the results were stunning.
    Slater’s style is unique, creative, and colourful. He isn’t just brilliant at shooting amazing images, he’s very personable, easy to work with, and gives great photographic advice to creatives and clients on any sized project. You won’t be disappointed in what he produces for you.



    Nathalie Mohoboob, Senior Picture Commissioner, Channel 4

    Slater is a such a great photographer to work with. Even with really different types of projects – from outrageous drag queens, to children brought up in care – he works to the brief but brings his unique style to each job, and always delivers beautiful images. That’s partly because he has so much empathy for all his subjects, making them feel at ease and gaining great access. He goes above and beyond to please the client – I would absolutely recommend him on any shoot.



    Mervyn Caldwell, Creative Director, Creative Leap

    Slater is an Art Director’s dream. He is capable of both taking direction and knowing where to challenge, probe and offer alternative perspectives when necessary. His eye and creative sense are matched by his ability to manage the logistical elements of every shoot and he is proactive in finding the best team to work with on each brief. If you’re looking for someone who can interact meaningfully with people and really get to the core of a subject’s humanity then your brief is safe in Slater’s hands.



    Richard Silbermann, Creative Director, Brand Remedy

    Slater is always a pleasure to work with. Not only is he a true professional that really understands the art of shooting great portraits, but he adds value in so many other ways. Our clients love him, he’s a complete joy to work with and always demands the best of himself and his team. I have no hesitation in recommending Slater to other commissioning, creative agencies or anyone who wants a first class result.



    Tim Lewis, Owner, Unreal

    Slater’s personality, can-do attitude and oceans of empathy make him the perfect foil to a creative’s ridiculous requests. His enthusiasm for any job, big or small, is infectious and reassuring. My company doesn’t use him enough – but I recommend you get together with this talented and totally professional gem of a photographer – you won’t regret it.



    Steve Hickson, Creative Director, MerchantCantos

    Three things about Slater: 1. What an incredibly nice chap – he’s personable, friendly, genuine and is amazing with people, whether that’s discussing a project or directing on a shoot. His approach always gets the best out of people.  2. He is full of ideas – he will come to the table with opinions, ideas and suggestions that will add to any brief and photographic challenge.  3. His brilliant work speaks for itself – a true creative and photography expert, and a stickler for detail. Actually, I have four things. 4. Hire him – you won’t regret it.



    Keshia Thompson, Account Director, Blackbridge

    I’ve worked with Slater for a number of years. His professionalism and understanding of organisations’ brands combined with an ability to make people feel at ease, consistently delivers stunning results.



    Zarina Casey, Head of Marketing and Communications, Walsingham Support

    I am impressed with how he is able to capture the challenges that our charity’s stake holders have, in such an emotive way. It’s been a pleasure working with him, his friendly manner puts people at ease and ensures that the we get exactly what we need to tell our story.



    Yasemin Gibbs, Group Account Director, Thirty Three: 6 stop around the world shoot for RBS.

    Faced with a complex project, multiple stakeholders, tight timeframes and unexpected challenges along the way, only Slater would have been able to deliver against a brief of this size and scale.
    The images were perfect. They captured the culture of the business and the personality of the individual. We couldn’t be happier with the end product.



    Paul Turner, Creative Director, Embrace

    We’ve worked with Slater for over 20 years. When it comes to capturing people and places, he’s one of the best. It’s not just the technical side (he’s very good there too), but really it’s all about his amazing people skills. He just gets the very best out of the people he’s photographing – with enthusiasm and an engaging personality that puts people at ease.

    Bottom line, he always delivers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.



    Claire Biscard, Creative Director, Spencer du Bois

    We have often found ourselves in what, to many, is a seemingly impossible location with a crazy deadline hanging over our heads. But I know we will always create something amazing and unique. I trust Slater instinctively.



    Lisa Summer-Hayes, Senior Manager Marketing and Campaigns, LSBU

    Over the years, I have worked with Slater across three different clients, and each time he has delivered outstanding images that have met often challenging briefs and working conditions. His enthusiasm and ability to capture people is second to none.

    We rarely use professional models, and Slater is adept at settling our real-life subjects so that they feel at ease in front of the camera. He handles these situations with tact, and his flexibility and initiative enable him to get the best out of people in what can be testing situations.



    Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive, Turn2Us

    Slater’s incredibly high quality images have dramatically improved the impact of the websites, annual reports and publications of charities including the Terrence Higgins Trust, Prisoners Abroad, NAM and Leap Confronting Conflict.  As a result of his pictures, those organisations have punched far above their weight and have recruited new donors, influenced policy and secured new partners.
    His ability to get the best from vulnerable people, and so making them proud of their images, is exceptional.  It’s been a privilege to work with Slater since 1997.