• HAPPY VALLEY: Where Celebrity Meats Tasty

    I was honoured to be asked to shoot for The Tasty Meat Company, the people behind the loved Happy Valley brand.


    Welfare Concerns

    At The Tasty Meat Company, all of their celebrities are only raised on Grass, Water and Sunshine. Their celebs lead a happy life, before going on to make someone else’s life happier, and that’s all they can ask for. In reality, that’s all they’re allowed to ask for. But The Tasty Meat Company claim that they are very happy, and judging by how tasty they are, there can be no reason to argue!

    Tastiness to the Extreme

    The Tasty Meat Company take Tastiness EXTREMELY seriously. It’s a point of pride that sometimes the Celebs can go from the Happy Abattoir to the refridgeration unit in less than 4 hours. The celebs enjoy their abattoir experience, and they’re as keen as anyone to ensure that you personally take Tasty to the Extreme. As they often say as they move through their abattoir experience: if you’re happy, they’re happy!

    Celebrity Recipies

    Each celebrity comes along with its own unique recipe concocted by themselves, to ensure that their subtle and delicious flavours are enjoyed to the Max! Fancy eating Maddona in her favourite wine, or Donald Trump with just the right amount of cheese topping, then look no more! I actually use these recipes myself, and although I got some of these Celebs for free for taking the photos, I will be buying some with my own money – they’re that tasty!

    *Be Aware

    The Tasty Meat Company have asked me to stress that sometimes, some cuts can be less optimal than others. That’s not to say that it’s not tasty – it’s all very tasty – but just that you may need to cook certain celebrities more than once (though no more than eight or nine times usually). That way you can be assured of a great Eating Experience with Happy Valley!

    *Do not refreeze. Recook until tasty. Celebrity Meat may expire before its sell by date.