• As told to me:
    “I was assisting a photographer who was shooting in a children’s library. Obviously, the worst thing that you can possibly do is injure a child. And so … that’s precisely what happened!


    “Whilst setting up a shot, the photographer turned around and managed to trip over a child who had decided, unbeknownst to them, to stand behind them. And so they fell, tumbling into a large table with a number of other children sitting around it, sending them all flying, with the camera swinging around wildly, and nearly decapitating a few of the kids!


    “I had to fight very hard not to laugh in the awkward moment when everything went crash! The photographer was left in a pile, surrounded by wailing children, with parents rushing over to pick up their crying kids. When we got out to the car at the end, I could hardly contain my laughter, especially as the photographer was quite badly hurt and really pissed off. Shouting: ‘bloody kids, what the fuck was that one doing there?!’ we got back into the car and for the rest of the day they were cursing that child, and limping too!”