• As told to me:

    “I was mortified when the lead client found me, the photographer’s assistant, half naked … 


    “I was assisting on a photo shoot, helping to set things up. And after we’d got it all prepped, I had to pop out to the van to grab some things. While I was there, I decided to get changed, as you do. I was a bit unsure about doing it there and then, but time was tight, and I realised that I needed to be quick, so I thought ‘what the heck’ and got into the windowless van to change. 


    “When I opened the door the light in the back didn’t come on, so I left the door slightly ajar. I was half way through getting changed, when the wind must have changed and slammed the door shut. It went pitch black! I panicked because I couldn’t find my phone or my bag so I started banging on the doors, and shouting to be let out. It was in the middle of a large carpark, there was no-one around and it was outside office hours. I don’t know how long I was stuck there for but it felt like hours!


    “Eventually, the door opened. I was half naked, clutching at some clothes to cover my half naked bosom, and in quite a state. And of course, the person who rescued me just had to be the lead client!! I don’t know quite how unimpressed they were, as we never mentioned it again!”