• As told to me:
    “I once scared off a passer by whilst photographing, and inadvertently brandishing at them, a dog poo on the street. Earlier that week…


    “So, I’d made my own dog poos: a combination of mash potato and coffee, for an anti-dog poo campaign. I’d experimented with a few different variations, and kept my Frankenstein creations in a see-through Tupperware box, ready to shoot! I arrived at the location, got out my array of dog turds, chose the fanciest of the bunch, and prepared to shoot. A few people walked past, giving me the odd glance but I didn’t really pay much attention.


    “I was really getting into photographing the fake poos, getting up close and personal with them, moving them around into different positions, like a gloveless Hollywood Director! I was peering into my Tupperware, giving the poos a poke and a pep talk, comparing them and deciding which lucky fella was going to be my next star – alightingh upon a choice and cheeky, but rather vigorous, specimen – an excitable light coloured palomino. 


    “Suddenly, a man came around the corner, stopped dead in the street and stared at me, poo in hand (bare hands of course) and surrounded by a strange cast of friends. And so I panicked, and while holding the dog poo I lunged at him, desperate for him to realise that it wasn’t real, crying: “It’s not real, it’s not real.” Letting out a loud screech, he turned tail and ran away, leaving me holding the poo, all alone and feeling sheepish!”