• Irish Passport


    Everyone needs one, let’s be frank.

    That’s the thing with Brexit … well, apart from it being stupid. So, just give me a shout as I’ve got a patent pending method of securing an Irish Passport and, as you know, I’m always happy to share. Just look at these happy customers!!

    Peggy’s House

    Tasnim Lowe


    Tasnim’s father killer her mother, her aunt and her grandmother 

    Her mother was just 16 at the time, and pregnant with what would have been Tasnim’s brother or sister should she have survived. The only person to escape the burning house was Tasnim’s grandfather. Continued…

    Behind The Scenes video


    The story of a shoot, shot over 1 day, with 12 models and 16 crew 

    Big shoots are very tricky to get right, primarily because there’s so much to get wrong. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always so keen to plan shoots, even the small ones. But after multiple days prepping and planning, organising and corralling, the big day comes and then, to a certain extent, it’s my job to let go of the lists!

    The shoot is being birthed in the present moment, in front of our eyes. And the whole process is like landing a jumbo, while having tea with the passengers!

    Weil – an American law firm


    They’re very people centric, and proud of how they treat their young lawyers

    And with just one day to shoot all the reportage that was needed for a 16 page brochure, it meant things had to be zippy! With multiple locations and people, all in a working office, and sometimes shooting in working meetings, it’s got to be fast and light, but all the while I need to be mentally triaging the shots, locations, people and timings!

    Selected by The British Journal of Photography


    For the book, Portrait of Britain

    What a great pleasure and, as they say, it’s available in all good bookshops!

    This photograph was part of a series of mine, and there’s more of them to see here.

    Happy Valley – Where Celebrity Meats Tasty


    I was honoured to be asked to shoot for Happy Valley,

    and The Conscious Meat Company, because all their celebrities are solely raised on Grass, Water and Sunshine. Their celebs lead a happy life, before going on to make someone else’s life happier, and that’s all they can ask for.

    In reality, that’s all they’re allowed to ask for. But I am told that they very happy, so much so that you can taste it. Yum.

    Hannah Gatt, singing teacher


    I bumped into Hannah while on a shoot,

    asking if she’d mind being in the shot for my client. Later, it turned out that she needed some shots for her website, and I was happy to shoot for her for free. And once we find time, she’ll return the favour by giving me singing lessons. She says everyone can sing … her toughest assignment is to come!


    British Lung Foundation


    Shooting BLF funded research at UCL and Imperial

    One example of the work that the scientists are doing here in combating lung cancer, is to harvest a person’s white blood cells, then train them to attack their own cancer cells in vitro, and with the aid of genetic profiling and multiple types of selection over many generations, they create a stock of potent white blood cells that are both the patient’s own and tailored to combat their own specific stage and type of cancer, and then they’re then returned back into the person!

    Whereas, I just take the pictures!

    Double Award Winning: William Hill, Problem Gambling


    Gold Award – Corporate Content Awards, and Shoot The Face Awards

    I think this series of images deserve their awards – it was striking that the team from MerchantCantos and William Hill were keen to push the boundaries in order to tell the story. It was great to be involved early in the process, because the message is such a difficult one to deliver visually, and something that we had to tease out in a responsive and responsible fashion. See more about the campaign on the MerchantCantos site here.

    Jarrad Comley, Partner and Executive Creative Director called me in to talk about this, visual storytelling and so much more – check out the vid above!

    The Chief Exec and Group Finance Director – Babcock International


    As you can imagine, with a revenue of over £5bn and an oder book of over £30bn, these guys don’t hang around!

    I do enjoy the hectic pressured environment of shooting top execs who have a lot of other places they’d much rather be. There’s always a spark in the air, and with no space for mistakes, everything’s riding on a couple of precious minutes. Often, as here, multiple set ups are needed too, complicating things. Ahh, I do love it!!

    It’s Award Winning!


    Blind Pilot scooped a Photographic award with One Eye Land

    If you look closely, the dog is reading ‘How To Fly –  For Dogs’, of which I’m the author! I usually don’t talk about it much, but if you’re asking …

    In the lab, with Glaxo Smithkline


    Part of Glaxo Smithkline’s $5bn R&D effort

    Though I’m told that the main ingredient for success is the people … something that I recognise from across all sectors of business and creativity.