• Firstly, there’s the edited selection of images on disc. All of the images are ‘print ready’, and that means that any and all of the images are colour corrected and ready to go to print. That’s because i believe that it’s not the client’s responsibility to have to alter the white balance, black point, white point, contrast, noise control, etc. To put it simply, i believe that the photographer should be responsible for the photographs.


    Accompanying the images is a colour ‘proof’ booklet. The booklet is printed on an exceptionally high quality and regularly profiled printer which means that when you view it under day light, you see exactly what the image files should look like. That sounds like a simple thing, but because a digital file is just a string of 1’s and 0’s, and because you can’t see numbers, it’s easy to run into problems.


    I also provide a ‘mini website’ on disc. This allows the images to be browsed on your computer screen directly from the disc using any web browser (ie Safari / IE etc), plus it can be easily uploaded to the web so that any number of people can check out the images. If it makes things easier, i’m happy to host the mini site myself and give you a link.


    I’m always flexible on delivery dates, and can give an immediate turn around if necessary. I also offer fancy stuff like live web browsing the shoot’s progress, a password protected client area and image retouching.