• The first digital camera that i bought was in 1995. The files were tiny, grainy and no one had ever seen anything like it! I remember walking down Oxford Street, shooting people and then showing them the picture on the back – to slack jawed amazement!


    Though it was 6 more years before everything was in place, and i could drop my many film cameras and switch up to a purely digital workflow. Having been a computer kid, all of the techy stuff comes easy, and so i’m free to play with the equipment and files in a natural way. 


    Because of my expertise, my clients know that there’ll be no digital drama before, during or after the shoot, and that each and every image file that they receive is of such quality that they can send any, or all, straight to print without any adjustments. 


    But it’s important to remember that the goal of any photograph is to germinate an emotion within the person who sees the photograph. That’s why we’re still photographers, and not technicians.