• What first hooked me was watching a print mysteriously appear in a developing tray, in the dull red light of a friend’s converted bedroom. A fire was lit within me, which led to me turning professional nearly 20 years ago.

    In-between, i got a degree in biochemistry, temped for large companies doing computer stuff, travelled some and spent a couple of years as a bicycle courier.


    As a green professional, i spent the first 3 or 4 years concentrating on still life work because i wanted to get the craft down. After that, i moved into working primarily with people.


    What i love about shooting people is that to be successful you must be playful, and you have to make a connection with them. 


    As a result, my sets are always a great place to be, whether we’re being serious or not. A lady whom i photographed because of her terminal breast cancer, wrote back to the agency “I must say I had a fantastic time (day) it was lovely, this is something I will remember for the rest of my life (however long I’ve got)”. It’s that connection that is at the heart of a great shoot, and that’s why i shoot people.