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I'm a portrait photographer. That's because i'm captivated by people: their thinking, their feelings and their circumstances.

Getting it right is tough, but this alchemy has simple foundations: hard work, understanding, trust and collaboration.

Concealing my efforts, and allowing my clients to have an effortless journey from their ideas to my executions, is a joy.

Drop me a line - i'd love to hear about the wonderful ideas that you'd like to grow.


What first hooked me was watching a print mysteriously appear in a developing tray, in the dull red light of a friend's converted bedroom. A fire was lit within me, which led to me turning professional nearly 20 years ago.

In-between, i got a degree in biochemistry, temped for large companies doing computer stuff, travelled some and spent a couple of years as a bicycle courier.

As a green professional, i spent the first 3 or 4 years concentrating on still life work because i wanted to get the craft down. After that, i moved into working primarily with people.

What i love about shooting people is that to be successful you must be playful, and you have to make a connection with them. 

As a result, my sets are always a great place to be, whether we're being serious or not. A lady whom i photographed because of her terminal breast cancer, wrote back to the agency "I must say I had a fantastic time (day) it was lovely, this is something I will remember for the rest of my life (however long I've got)". It's that connection that is at the heart of a great shoot, and that's why i shoot people.


The first digital camera that i bought was in 1995. The files were tiny, grainy and no one had ever seen anything like it! I remember walking down Oxford Street, shooting people and then showing them the picture on the back - to slack jawed amazement!

Though it was 6 more years before everything was in place, and i could drop my many film cameras and switch up to a purely digital workflow. Having been a computer kid, all of the techy stuff comes easy, and so i'm free to play with the equipment and files in a natural way. 

Because of my expertise, my clients know that there'll be no digital drama before, during or after the shoot, and that each and every image file that they receive is of such quality that they can send any, or all, straight to print without any adjustments. 

But it's important to remember that the goal of any photograph is to germinate an emotion within the person who sees the photograph. That's why we're still photographers, and not technicians.



Like most professional photographers, i charge my day rate, plus expenses and the digital charge. Brainstorming comes in at no extra cost!

It's my policy to only accept work when i know that no one else can do it better. If i'm not convinced, i'm happy to spend time with my client figuring out who might be best. I do this because i believe that the photographer and client's interests are too intertwined for it to ever work sustainably unless it's win / win.

As standard, for charities, non-profit and governmental organisations i cut my day rate by 20%. I do this because i think that it's fair to recognise that these organisations often rely on donations, and that they provide a crucial part of our society. I'm happy to help support them in this way.

Firstly, there's the edited selection of images on disc. All of the images are 'print ready', and that means that any and all of the images are colour corrected and ready to go to print. That's because i believe that it's not the client's responsibility to have to alter the white balance, black point, white point, contrast, noise control, etc. To put it simply, i believe that the photographer should be responsible for the photographs.

Accompanying the images is a colour 'proof' booklet. The booklet is printed on an exceptionally high quality and regularly profiled printer which means that when you view it under day light, you see exactly what the image files should look like. That sounds like a simple thing, but because a digital file is just a string of 1's and 0's, and because you can't see numbers, it's easy to run into problems.

I also provide a 'mini website' on disc. This allows the images to be browsed on your computer screen directly from the disc using any web browser (ie Safari / IE etc), plus it can be easily uploaded to the web so that any number of people can check out the images. If it makes things easier, i'm happy to host the mini site myself and give you a link.

I'm always flexible on delivery dates, and can give an immediate turn around if necessary. I also offer fancy stuff like live web browsing the shoot's progress, a password protected client area and image retouching.

Yasemin Gibbs, Group Account Director, Thirty Three RE: 6 stop around the world shoot for RBS


Faced with a complex project, multiple stakeholders, tight timeframes and unexpected challenges along the way, only Slater would have been able to deliver against a brief of this size and scale.
The images were perfect. They captured the culture of the business and the personality of the individual. We couldn’t be happier with the end product.



Paul Turner, Creative Director, Embrace


We've worked with Slater for over 16 years. When it comes to capturing people and places, he's one of the best. It's not just the technical side (he's very good there too), but really it's all about his amazing people skills. He just gets the very best out of the people he's photographing - with enthusiasm and an engaging personality that puts people at ease.

Bottom line, he always delivers and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.



Claire Biscard, Design Director, Spencer du Bois


We have often found ourselves in what, to many, is a seemingly impossible location with a crazy deadline hanging over our heads. But I know we will always create something amazing and unique. I trust Slater instinctively.



Lisa Summer-Hayes, Senior Manager Marketing and Campaigns, LSBU


Over the years, I have worked with Slater across three different clients, and each time he has delivered outstanding images that have met often challenging briefs and working conditions. His enthusiasm and ability to capture people is second to none.

We rarely use professional models, and Slater is adept at settling our real-life subjects so that they feel at ease in front of the camera. He handles these situations with tact, and his flexibility and initiative enable him to get the best out of people in what can be testing situations.



Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive, Leap Confronting Conflict


Slater’s incredibly high quality images have dramatically improved the impact of the websites, annual reports and publications of charities including the Terrence Higgins Trust, Prisoners Abroad, NAM and Leap Confronting Conflict.  As a result of his pictures, those organisations have punched far above their weight and recruited new donors, influenced policy and secured new partners.
His ability to get the best from vulnerable people, and so making them proud of their images, is exceptional.  It’s been a privilege to work with Slater since 1997.

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